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Mixing Philanthropy + Business to

Support Urban Projects in the Community


Project Briggs, Inc. will focus the event concept and efforts on increasing potential sponsor visibility amongst diverse consumers within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  Ultimately, Project Briggs, Inc. would like to serve as Brand Ambassadors and use for annual events such as ‘The Project Black Event’ and ‘The Project White Event’ as one of our signature DC event templates here in the Greater Washington area.




Diversity is no longer just black and white – diversity today means something very different than it did many years ago.  The largest groups of consumers today are Millennials and Generation Xers, they are the most diverse generations to date. Everyday our society is bombarded by overly generalized marketing. One size does not fit all.  Diverse audiences have learned to tune out most of these irrelevant messages and are wary of gimmicks to get their attention. To get past the filter, a culturally competent diverse brand campaign requires deep authenticity and commitment.  Companies must embrace this unique niche market segment’s cultural and/or lifestyle characteristics, and be ready to immerse themselves to win over the skeptics.

A culturally diverse market segment is more psychologically and emotionally invested in the issues that impact their lives. Corporations that define tailored brand strategies that catch the attention of this “untapped niche market segment” will see a new loyal customer base emerge. The best way to grow great brands is to turn consumers into shoppers. Our primary goal for sponsorship is to position event sponsors in high impact areas of the event to inspire Millennial and Generation Xers consumers to make the trek from awareness of their brands to connecting and purchasing their brands.

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