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Abdur-Rahim Briggs - President - CEO

Project Briggs, Inc.

Abdur-Rahim Briggs graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Minor in Public Administration from California State University at Bakersfield in 1991. With 29 years of Community Service and as Executive Board President of Project Briggs, Inc., he is no stranger to community involvement. His philanthropic endeavors were heavily influenced by the late Roy W. Roberts, II, Former Executive Director of The Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club while growing up as a youth in South Central Los Angeles, California, where he was named "Youth of the Year" in 1986 by the Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors.

After completing his undergraduate studies at California State University at Bakersfield, he relocated to Washington, D.C., in 1994 and began performing volunteer work for organizations such as Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc., where he received The Marvin E. Young Volunteer of the Year award in 2001, the Spirit of Light Award from Mascara, Inc. in 2005, Trailblazer Award from InCrowd International, Inc. in 2008, Inner Light Ministries Community Service Award in 2010, the Alston-Gillard Community Service Award in 2012, the GoodLife Empowerment Award in 2013, the Welmore Cook Award from DC Black Pride in 2014, the Barbara Lundy Thomas Service Award in 2014, the Unsung Hero Award from Joy Baltimore, Inc. in 2018, and the Capital Pride Honors Heroes Award in 2023

During his 29 years of community work, he's served as Founder and Board Member of the Ummah Endowment Fund (2002-2008), President-CEO for Al Sura, Inc. (2008-2016), and President-CEO for Project Briggs, Inc. (2016-Present).


In other Professional Leadership roles, he's currently serving as a Board Member and President of the Board of Directors for the Greater Washington Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA) from 2009-2010 and 2019 - Present. He received the Chapter Leadership Award in 2010 and the Rita Holt Chapter Member Of The Year for 2009 & 2013. He was actively involved with The ManDate (a community-based group) and served as a Board Member for the Wanda Alston Foundation, served as a voting member of the Gertrude Stein Club, served as Commissioner on the Mayor's Advisory Committee to the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Affairs from 2016-2018, appointed as Commissioner to the Commission on African-American Affairs (COAAA) in 2019 and currently serves as Chairman for the Ward 8 LGBTQIA+ Commission for Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White, Sr.

Kraig Ronald Williams - Vice-President, Finance, and Program Events


Kraig R. Williams is a Fourth Generation Native Washingtonian and is currently serving in the role of Vice-President of Project Briggs, Inc. He's a graduate of Frostburg State University, with a Bachelors of Science in Politics, Law, & Society with a concentration in Criminal Justice. Mr. Williams worked at the American Psychological Association in the Membership and Convention Marketing Department honing his skills in Direct Marketing, Marketing Research, and Digital Marketing. He's also worked at The National Institutes of Health's Office of Technology Transfer, in the Patent and Trademark Office as a Docketing Manager. 


He also spends his spare time volunteering for Casa Ruby, a local non-profit Bilingual Multicultural LGBT organization providing life-saving services and programs to Transgender, Gender Queer, and Gender Non-conforming LGBT people. Kraig R. Williams currently works for the Government of the District of Columbia. He previously worked at a law firm in Washington DC, which specialized in developing, implementing, and monitoring Contracting, Employment, and Public Awareness Compliance Programs for major corporations, developers, municipalities, and public agencies. His Interests include MOTOWN, Cooking, and Grilling (Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Southern Cuisine), Blaxploitation Films, and House Music!

Jhahbriel C. Moore-Butler, PhD - Vice-President, Grants and Corporate Sponsorships

The Butler's Kitchen



From serving within the United States Army to championing the public and private sector, Jhahbriel has proven his commitment to serve. Born in Greenville, NC; Jhahbriel grew up with a huge loving and supportive family who pushed him to live whatever dream he so desired as long as God is present. Jhahbriel’s career began while serving within the United States Army as a Pharmacy Technician. This position catapulted him into the healthcare industry where he successfully captured roles such as a National Account Executive, Benefits Advisor, Regional Director, Program Officer just to name a few.  


Organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, and Madigan Army Medical Center have given Jhahbriel experiences and exposures that lead him to work within the community. Jhahbriel served on the Us Helping Us, Inc. Board for several years spearheading sponsorships and activities that increase awareness of health disparities in the community. He also works with various small organizations in obtaining funding that will align with the organizations' goals. 


One of his mottos is; “One must always be willing to give…as giving opens doors to the heart”. Jhahbriel currently works for the United States Department of Labor in its Employee Benefits Securities Administration Division.  He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Emory University Goizueta Business School and holds a Health and Life Insurance license in various states.  Jhahbriel is committed to bringing funding and sponsorships to Project Briggs, Inc.

Eric Darnell - Director of Promotions and Social Media Outreach


Eric Darnell (known by many as EZsaid EZdone) is a socialite serving the LGBTQ  Community. Hailing from King George, VA, Eric set out on a mission of self-discovery, and while finding his way, became a pillar within the LGBTQ Community. Eric started out by building a strong social media presence which led him to working for Lenard Knight of K5 Entertainment as an Event Coordinator. Eric was responsible for planning some of the biggest events to ever come to the DMV. He has also provided his special talents to other entertainment companies such as Omega Entertainment, IgniteDMV, and Xaxier Entertainment. Taking steps in the community even further, he joined the DENIM movement in efforts to bring attention to the organization. Bridging the gap between the party atmosphere and HIV/STI awareness.


He has added "Actor" to his resume by joining the casts of several web series, being a lead celebrity correspondent for Concert Daily and even a working as a model, showing out behind and in front of the camera! Eric has also provided a safe haven Facebook group called EZsaidEZdoneLIVE, which will soon be the launching pad for a future website/blog. With so many accomplishments under his belt, he is now stepping back on the scene as the new Director of Promotions & Social Media Outreach for Project Briggs, Inc. Eric is proud to have worked his way up in the business and community, steadily proving the good guys can win it all! 


Shane Greer - Director of Health and Wellness

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Read Shane's Story

Shane Greer was born with a significant learning and language-based impediment.  Although physically he was developing normally, he began showing early signs of having difficulties in mastering phonetics upon pronouncing his first words.  For example, he could not pronounce words with combined consonant sounds such as "sh" or "ch."  By the age of 4, he was unable to pronounce his own name and required speech and language therapy.  From first grade through his senior year, he required the assistance of a reading specialist in addition to ongoing speech and language therapy.


His childhood was full of constant tests, assessments, and evaluations. He was always placed in special education and suffered from depression and feelings of isolation.  Even as an adult, he requires assistance through the Department of Rehabilitation Services and appropriate accommodations in employment and college settings. In 2003, at the age of 11, Shane lost his father to a sudden massive stroke, it was around that time that his mother learned that he had a condition known as a Protein S deficiency which makes him more susceptible to developing blood clots.  In 2010, Shane began seeing a neurologist and hematologist for his condition.


Aisha Broderick, Esq - Board General Counsel

Colson Broderick, LLC


Aisha Broderick is the founding attorney of Colson Broderick, LLC. Ms. Broderick is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she lived until she joined the U.S. Army. After her active duty military service, Ms. Broderick continued her service in the Army Reserves while working at a national financial institution. Mrs. Broderick continued her public service as a Federal Investigator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 


Over the course of her career, Mrs. Broderick has served the community in various roles such as estate planning for people with disabilities through GABWA and court-appointed child advocate. Her EEOC experiences have led her to advocate for students with disabilities through the Georgia Bar Association. Mrs. Broderick’s commitment to community improvement fuels her participation in the Scouts of America and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.


Mrs. Broderick earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida A&M University and earned her Juris Doctor from North Carolina Central University School of Law.

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