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Project Briggs, Inc. Executive Board Structure is broken down into two divisions, Community Engagement, and Grants/Corporate Sponsorships. The organization is managed by the President/CEO, who receives consult from the Senior Executive Members.  The Vice President, Programs reports directly to the President/CEO who is delegated with the authority to ensure Program Initiatives is performed, with the assistance of Directors, Executive Board and Volunteers.

Community Engagement Division

This division includes the President/Chief Executive Officer, Vice-President, Programs, Culture Engagement, and Social Media-Public Engagement and is responsible for overall outreach, budget, planning, and creative direction of the organization.


Abdur-Rahim Briggs - President - CEO

Kraig Ronald Williams - Vice-President, Finance and Programs


Eric Darnell - Director, Promotions-Social Media Outreach


Sponsorship and Corporate Grants Division

This division includes Vice-President, Grants and Corporate Sponsorships, Director of Membership, Treasurer, Senior Advisor to the Executive Board, and General Counsel. This division is responsible for Financial activities. The division is also responsible for Business and Community Relations activities, such as sponsorship, media, and retail.  


Jhahbriel C. Moore-Butler, Ph.D. - Vice-President, Grants and Corporate Sponsorships


Aisha Broderick, Esq - Board General Counsel



Director, Membership - Vacant

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