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All successful organizations thrive because of the time and talents lent to them by their volunteers. Project Briggs, Inc. maintains a high level of professional practices which extends to its volunteers. By doing so, we can maximize your impact as a volunteer and extend the benefits, to you, of your service with us.

Click on the links below to review and download documents. Please forward your completed Volunteer Forms, committee interests and questions to:


                                                                                                  Kraig R. Williams


Project Briggs, Inc. - TEAM RAHIM DC is looking for individuals with or without leadership skills to assist with the management of various areas of the organization and/or various events and activities itself. If you love to work and assist with the management of this organization, we look forward to having you join our Project Briggs, Inc. - TEAM RAHIM DC team!

If you are interested in serving as a Volunteer, click on the "Volunteer Form" button below to download a Form


Project Briggs, Inc. - TEAM RAHIM DC acknowledges the need to be non-judgemental and respectful of diversity; yet we may from time to time, find it necessary to refuse to accept a request for volunteers from anyone in the community that may not fully meet or accept our core values and reflect same during your duration of service.

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