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POWER: Noir et Blanc Soiree`

Official Men's Grooming Solon

HIS Grooming



1242 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20003

Tuesday - Saturday


POWER: Noir et Blanc Soiree`

Mixing Philanthropy + Business to

Sponsor Urban Events in the Community

Project Briggs. Inc., is delighted to announce HIS Grooming as the official  Men's Grooming for Power: Noir et Blanc Soiree`. HIS Grooming has delivered the perfect combination of old-fashioned grooming services and modern sophistication in an environment that is unapologetically for men - the perfect fit for today's most fashion-forward elites! As the official Men's Grooming Salon for POWER - Noir et Blanc Soiree we are pleased to extend the VIP treatment to its guests from November 1st - January 6th. Simply call us at (202) 714-1327 or visit our website at to schedule your appointment. All guests will receive 20% off of their service; simply mention NOIR ET BLANC SOIREE`!

HIS GROOMING AND PROJECT BRIGGS: Philanthropy + Professionalism = Power

To learn more about HIS Grooming; click button below

Enter HIS Grooming and you instantly feel it: the first-rate taste, the commitment to craft, the welcoming safe haven, the man-cave nirvana. Inviting, immersive — it’s an “experience” that immediately informs. This place offers far more than just a haircut.

Haircuts are common. Unparalleled experiences are rare. Simply put, at HIS Grooming we offer episodes of awe.

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