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Kraig Ronald Williams - Vice-President, Finance and Programs




The Butler's Kitchen 

Where There’s Nothing Left Off The Table


The Butler’s Kitchen addresses groundbreaking controversial topics that aren’t easily discussed between various diverse communities, especially of color. Topics range from social injustices, local and national politics, relationships; both from the homo and heterosexual perspective, dating/online dating, social media controversies to whatever event or topic creates challenging thought-provoking conversations.  Our goal is to not only bring these topics to the forefront, however but also to discuss the next steps, etc.


Jhahbriel C. Moore-Butler creates an atmosphere in his kitchen with panel guests from all walks of life.  The panel comes together weekly around the kitchen island creating an open dialogue introducing their perspectives from a viewpoint that creates a bit of energy, borderline drama each taping.

As each conversation develops, delicious home-cooked meals are prepared that add a sense of home, an atmosphere open for opinionated conversation. Most of the ingredients within the meals will be highlighted as solutions, pivoted off the conversation as added anecdotes of humor and/or comedy. 

The Butler’s Kitchen, under the umbrella of Moore 4U Inc. where everything is about the community and how communities are built from mentoring and giving. So sit back, grab a drink and join us in our Kitchen.


Heartbreak Hotel – Network Happy Hour 


Heartbreak Hotel is a gathering of minds where Love, Sex, and Relationships are put on full blast! No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, or race, these topics are something that brings us together because these are things we all go through! EZsaid EZdone is back after a long hiatus to bring us a 5th installment of his successful "EZ Talk" session that will feature many special guests to accompany him. This "EZ Talk" came to light in 2015, where he bared his heart about his challenges within the dating scene while others laid their own struggles in the name of love on the line. From there, each year, the topics went deeper, and the audience grew larger. This return will surely bring many thought-provoking topics that will push our thinking, open our hearts, challenge our minds, and give us an opportunity to heal. You don't want to miss this session, so be sure to save the date, spread the word and show out!

Pride By The River, Super Sunday at Anacostia Park



Down by the Riverside is where you'll find "PRIDE BY THE RIVER SUPER SUNDAY! 

Come join us in celebrating our 3rd Annual "Pride By The River Super Sunday" event on Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 28, 2023, from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by Project Briggs, Inc. and The Butler's Kitchen.

Bring your grills, blankets, umbrellas, chairs, and good vibes!! Let the music take you AWAY!!!

We're COVID Conscious...Masks are encouraged.

The DMV Black LGBTQ Writers & Authors Association


New York Times best-selling author JL King and DC author James Laws have created an exciting new group that will provide writers, aspiring authors, and current authors a place to grow to become successful published writers.

They will utilize their joint experiences to offer what it takes to become successful as writers and self-published authors. From workshops to networking events, the group will provide the missing link in the DMV literacy community.




Project Briggs, Inc. was formed in April 2016 for the purpose of providing leadership, improving the capacity building, communication, promoting, and assisting urban projects through innovative fundraising activities and advocacy in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. "SPECTRE", our Annual White Attire Soiree, will be held annually as a symbol and celebration of the organization's work in the community throughout the year.


The Best of Washington Edition


Our Annual Public Service Recognition Soiree honors 30 individuals/organizations from the District of Columbia for their outstanding Public Service for the community-at-large and their demonstration of excellence and the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and civic and social responsibility.

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