Kraig Ronald Williams - Vice-President, Programs

e-mail: kwilliams@projectbriggs.org

“Black Enough, Man Enough” Book Signing featuring Gee Smalls – 1st Quarter 2020​

One man’s riveting, contemporary journey through multiple comings-outs to authentically live his unique identity.

“I knew I was different, called ‘faggot-ass half-breed,’ teased for my light bright skin, soft curly afro, freckly face, and feminine ways.  Growing up the child of a black daddy and white momma in the black Gullah Geechee culture on James Island, South Carolina in the 80’s, I was an outsider.

“My adolescent identity crisis of racial and sexual confusion lead to a trip down the aisle with my high school sweetheart, the joy of fatherhood, and then into the shadows of the down-low before divorce and a tumultuous custody battle.  As I embraced all of who I am, I developed my voice, using it to speak out on the racial and LGBT equality movements, as well as to say ‘I do’ to marry the man I love and create a realistic 21st century blended family.”

The TEA ZONE: Catch The TEA, Play It Forward – Program Launched February 2020

  • To hold social events 1-2 a month that will cater to the Black LGBTQ Community

  • To provide services and counseling that will help the Black LGBTQ Community (testing for HIV and STI’s) 

  • To create a safe space in which our participants can engage in thought provoking topics and discussions that affect the Black LGBTQ Community

  • To collaborate and support other organizations who are dedicated to serving our community

  • Set up a Social Networking Program that will help motivate people to get tested and build a team of recruiters

  • Go to college campuses (HBCU’s) to recruit the youth to be leaders and advocates to our program 

  • Open to become a part of panel discussions to further enhance our growth and productivity as a community

  • To become a space where people are free to speak their truth and understanding, and a space in which we respect each other

  • Straights are welcome but must be open to inclusivity and not disrespecting the LGBTQ Community members

  • Money Management, Self Care, Mental Health are the greatest problems in our community, and The Tea Zone can be a place that tackles those issues.

  • Open to let others come in to facilitate events on various topics

  • Do outings for the team to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication

  • Movie Nights LGBTQ Themed; Hollywood; Documentaries etc

  • Group Outings: Dinner; Bowling; Karaoke; etc

  • Have promotional events in which we give out protection (condoms, male and female, lube etc.) info/flyers about our programs and events, ask people to leave their contact info  

SEATS AND FEETS - UNDERWEAR AND SOCK DRIVE - February 12, 2020 - March 06, 2020

Our Annual Community engagement outreach collaborative activity between Project Briggs, Inc. and Kingdom Covenant Ministries called, "Seats and Feets". The objective is to donate new undergarments and socks for men- size small to 3XL. - ALL Sizes. Two needs that are ever present, from year to year, are donations of new underwear and socks for men. Donations to support Men’s homeless shelters in Maryland.

#POWER30: “The Best of Washington Edition” – May 2021

Our Annual Public Service Recognition Soiree honoring 30 individuals/organizations from the District of Columbia for their outstanding Public Service for the community at-large and their demonstration of excellence and the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and civic and social responsibility.

Casa Ruby Annual Toiletry Drive Happy Hour – June 2020

Our Annual Toiletry Drive Happy Hour, benefitting CASA RUBY, The only Bilingual Multicultural LGBT Organization in the Metropolitan Area  in which a large number of their clients have incomes of less than $15,000.00 per year.

Xscape II White - SPECTRE - July 2021

Project Briggs, Inc. was formed in April 2016 for the purpose of provide\ing leadership, improving capacity building, communication, promoting and assisting urban projects through innovative fundraising activities and advocacy in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. "SPECTRE", our Annual White Party, will be held annually as a symbol and celebration of the organization's work in the community throughout the year.

Project Red - Health & Wellness – September 2020

Project Briggs, Inc. will partner with Greater Washington Area Gyms and Fitness Experts to assist in promoting our annual/quarterly programing geared towards healthy eating habits and physical fitness goals. "A Healthy New You" will become our Health & Wellness mantra, which will enable us to advocate healthy living efforts with local community Gyms

Swirls & Chords – December 2021

Through the art of Fashion (SWIRL) and Music (CHORDS), King and I Productions in collaboration with Project Briggs, Inc. will showcase the talents of extraordinary individuals in bringing education, awareness, and prevention to a cause that impacts countless lives every day and generate funding to support the mission of the ADA and potentially save lives.


"One Cause; One Unforgettable Evening; One Amazing Event showcasing the best fashion and music talent in the industry”